Friday, March 11, 2011

Why Did Jesus speak in parables?

 Why did Jesus use parables when he spoke to the people?

 Jesus answered this question asked by his closest disciples
 in the books of  MATTHEW - MARK 4:10-12  AND  LUKE 8:9-10

 MATTHEW 13: (13) " The reason I use parables in talking to
 them is that they look, but do not see, and they listen, but
 do not hear or understand. (14) So that the prophecy of Isaiah
 applies to them :

(Jesus spoke in parables to fulfill the prophecy of Isaiah which
 reads as follows.)

 Mathew 13:(14) 'This people will listen and listen but not
                            they will look and look, but not see.
                   (15)   because their minds are dull.
                            and they have stopped up their ears
                            and have closed their eyes.
                            Otherwise, their eyes would see,
                            their ears would hear,
                            their minds would understand,
                            and they would turn to me, says God,
                            and I would heal them.'

 We are all God's children, the problem with God's children today
 is the same problem mankind has been wrestling with since the
 garden of Eden. Our collective problem is EGO.

 Ego is the reason:   We look and look, but not see!

 EGO is the reason:  We listen and listen, but do not hear or

 EGO is the reason:  Our minds are dull!

 EGO is the reason:  We do not turn to GOD!

 EGO is the reason:  For all the chaos we presently experience!

 How Ego comes to be was explained earlier in the message titled