Friday, March 4, 2011

What does it mean to be born again?

 Being born again:

 You are instantaneously re-born when GOD makes hIS presense known to you.

 Being born again, you behold the true-man - the soul you are!

 Suddenly spontaneously, magically, you have a brand new awareness.

 You are able to perceive the living GOD in action.

 You know that the true you is the spirit soul and not the man in the mirror.

 You know you are a child of GOD because the living GOD has had an active role
 in your re-birth.

 You know that GOD himself is your 'Heavenly Father.

 You know that Jesus is the messiah because your re-birth happened magically
 through him.

 You know that Jesus is the logos - (begotten son of the living GOD)

 The most humbling moment of all is when you come to know that, not only does
 GOD truly exist, but that he cares for, and loves, little old you.

 Being born again is beholding a new world,(GOD's world) and knowing it.

 Being born again, means that you no longer cling to faith in GOD, because now
 you know that GOD is real.

 Being born again, belief is no longer required, for now, you know!

 Being born again is knowing that your 'Heavenly Father' is always with you.

 Being born again is knowing that everyone, (whether they know it or not?) is
 your brother. (spiritually)

 An awakened soul sees and understands his lost brothers in all their innocence.

 Being born again is perception that all life is GOD's life.

 Being born again is finally having a true life in a true world.

 An awakened soul judges no one. - Pure awareness makes no judgements.

 An awakened soul is fearless!

 Being born again, is to look through soul's eyes, to hear with soul's ears,
 to feel with soul's heart, for your once dormant spiritual senses are now

 Being born again, the living word, of the living GOD, becomes your spiritual

 Being born again puts the physical world in context; suddenly you understand
 the WHY of the CHAOS.

 Being born again, you confront the phantom within; (EGO).

 Being born again, ego is perceived for what it is: The shadow of the true-life.

 Being born again is lonely, in this, the physical world.

 Being born again can be extremely frustrating, in this, the physical world.

 Being born again can be ever so sad - until you realize how truly blessed you are.

 Being born again, you are both humbled and lifted beyond belief!

 Being born again, is to love GOD more than anything and anyone, and this is a
 logical, reasonable, natural coming to fruition event.

 Being born again, you have much work to do. You have a vocation!