Thursday, March 10, 2011

The parable of the weeds in the field

 The second parable that Jesus explained was the parable of the weeds.

 The parable of the weeds can be found in mathew 13: 24-30 and reads
 as follows:

 Mathew 13-(24) Jesus told them another parable: "The Kingdom of heaven
 is like this. A man sowed good seed in his field. (25) One night, when
 everyone was asleep, an enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat and
 went away. (26) When the plants grew and the wheat began to form, then
  the weeds showed up. (27) The man's servants came to him and said.
 'Sir, it was good seed you sowed in your field; Where did the weeds come
 from?' (28) 'It was some enemy who did this, 'he answered. 'Do you want
 us to go and pull up the weeds? ' they asked him. (29) 'No,'  he answered,
 'because as you gather the weeds you might pull up some of the wheat
 along with them. (30) Let the wheat  and the weeds both grow together
 untill harvest. Then I will tell the harvest workers to pull up the
 weeds first, tie them in bundles and burn them, and then to gather in
 the wheat and put it in my barn.'"

 This is the exoteric teaching.
 To the sleeping soul, it means exactly what it states.
 To the awakened soul, it means something different.
 Even Jesus' disciples didn't understand the teaching of this parable.
 So Jesus explained it to them as follows:

 Mathew 13:37-43 (37) Jesus answered, "The man who sowed the good seed
 is the Son of Man; (38) The field is the world: the good seed is the
 people who belong to the Kingdom: the weeds are the people who belong
 to the evil one; (39) and the enemy who sowed the weeds is the devil.
 The harvest is the end of the age, and the harvest workers are angels.
 (40) Just as the weeds are gathered up and burnt in the fire, so the
 same thing will happen at the end of the age: (41) The Son of Man will
 send out his angels to gather up out of  his Kingdom all those who cause
 people to sin and all others who do evil things, (42) and they will
 throw them into the fiery furnace, where they will cry and grind their teeth."
 (43) Then God's people will shine like the sun in their Father's
 Kingdom. Listen, then, if you have ears!"

 Jesus' explaination of the parable of the weeds in the field brings his
 teaching out of the dark and into the light for many a lost soul. One
 could say It is the esoteric version.

 It was while reading this - explaination of the parable of the weeds in
 the field, that this particular soul, was born again of the spirit.
 Hopefully it will happen to everyone who reads it.

 The good seed are the awakened souls that Jesus has awakened.
 The weeds are the sleeping souls, put to sleep in this, the physical
 world by the EGO and it's endless desire to indulge in it.

 The fact that Jesus is sending his angels to do the harvesting at the
 end of the age, is mind expanding - in the sense that, angels are spirit beings!
 Surely, spirit angels, are not coming to save the pre-ordained  doomed man
 of flesh and blood , into the spirit Kingdom of God. (obviously not)

 The angels of the Son of Man are coming for the true-man.
 The true-man - the real man, - The soul - you are!
 Remember - You do not possess a soul - YOU ARE SOUL!

 Jesus was not lying when he said. John 14:6  "I am the way, the truth, and
 the life; NO ONE goes to the Father except by me."