Sunday, March 13, 2011


 Genesis 2:7 - And God proceeded to (FORM) the (MAN) out of dust
 from the ground and to blow into his nostrils the breath of (LIFE),
 and the (MAN) came to be a (LIVING SOUL)

 Here we see that the 'MAN' or 'SOUL', made in the image and likeness
 of GOD, had no form in the physical world, until GOD used the physical
 world (the dust of the ground) to give the spirit-soul form and
 visibility in the physical world.

 Life is then given to the -'MAN'-  by GOD blowing into his nostrils,
 'THE BREATH OF LIFE'.  Then and only then did the 'MAN' come to be a

 GOD alone is the 'ONE LIFE"! - GOD is in us! -  Our very 'LIFE SOURCE  ( IS )

 YES!  -  We are  DUAL- BEINGS, -  ONE foot in the physical world  and  ONE
 foot in GOD's world.
 We human beings are complicated creatures, especially to ourselves.
 Jesus came to tell us  TRUTH .- The  TRUTH  that - GOD  IS!  - And  to  make  our

 Jesus said. John  4:24
 "God is Spirit, and - ONLY - by the power of  his Spirit can people
 worship him as he really is."

 Jesus said. John  6:63
 "What gives life is God's spirit: man's power is of no use at all.
 The WORDS - I have spoken to you  -BRING - GOD's - LIFE GIVING SPIRIT."

 Jesus said. John  4: 32
 "I have food to eat that you know nothing about."

  Food for the soul - The word of GOD! The words of JESUS!!!