Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What does the parable of the hidden treasure mean?

 The parable of the Hidden Treasure

 Mathew 13:44
 " The kingdom of heaven is like this. A man happens
 to find a treasure hidden in a field. He covers it
 up again, and is so happy that he goes and sells
 everything he has, and then goes back and buys that

 This parable; read by the ego; means what it says
 but what it means to the awakened soul is entirely


 In his explanation of the parable of the weeds in
 the field; Mathew 13:38; Jesus states quite plainly
 that when he refers to the FIELD; what he really
 means is the WORLD; So the treasure isn't hidden in
 a field anymore, it is hidden in the world.

 Furthermore, How can someone BUY a world?
 What is the treasure?
 What would make the man so happy that he would sell
 everything he has to BUY that world?

 This changing of a word here and there in this parable
 can be interesting; to say the least.
 What if; (the treasure) really meant (knowledge).
 what if; (sells everything) really meant (rejects).
 What if; (buys) really meant (Accepts).
 what if; (hidden) really meant (secret).

 This is a lot of what ifs; but, Let's  put the parable
 back together with these what ifs and it will read as

 The secret knowledge is the truth about who and what
 the true-man is. Knowledge that can only be fully
 understood by the awakened soul; who in fact can only
 be awakened by Jesus.

 Once God's world has become truth; and the true-man has
 become aware of who (he-she) is; Then, this world; the
 physical world, has no more allure to it. The physical
 world is perceived for what it is, a temporary place;
 and ordained to end.

 And so to summarize this ( hypothetical exercise )

 The Kingdom of GOD is like this:
 The eternal child of GOD; knowingly rejects the false
 for the real; the real being God's world, the spirit
 world, the Kingdom of God. The false being the finite
 physical world.

 The awakened soul will reject the phycical world.
 The awakened soul will accept God's world because the
 awakened soul knows the truth of  itself.