Friday, March 4, 2011

What did Jesus mean; Mark 12:17

 What did Jesus mean when he said;
 "Pay the Emperor what belongs to the Emperor,
 And pay GOD what belongs to GOD."

 Jesus came to speak to the true-man.

 God's children must cope with two worlds - and walk a fine line
 between the two.
 This is the message (between the lines) that Jesus conveys to
 the true-man in Mark 12:17 and Matthew 22:21

 An awakened soul understands the dual nature of it's existence.
 The true-man is the spirit soul, and a child of GOD.

 Jesus always spoke in parables.
 The parables carried hidden truths within them.
 These truths were directed to the true-man - the soul.
 Only the awakened soul hears these truths.

 As Jesus said,
 John 10:4 "The sheep follow him, because they know his voice."

 Again, a parable.-- the sheep being the true man, and the voice
 of the shepherd, the word of GOD.