Monday, April 18, 2011

Who listens? Who hears?

  JESUS SAID: Matthew 12:25

  "Whoever loves his own life  will lose it; whoever
  hates his own life in this world will keep it for life


  This particular parable, (at first glance) doesn't seem
  to make much sense. In fact, if you take it at its dead-
  letter meaning, it's difficult to accept.

  On the other hand; Jesus is the Son of God, He did not
  come to save the man of flesh. He came to save the
  true-man, the child of God, the soul you are.

  The teachings of Jesus are meant for and directed to the
  soul, and when heard by the soul that knows these words
  are directed to it, a new and different understanding of
  the teaching emerges.

  As stated in previous blogs, Jesus spoke to the people
  in parables only, and these teachings had hidden meanings.

  This teaching of Jesus is a perfect example of who these
  words are directed to.


  Imagine for a moment that you are soul, and read these
  words over and over again as the soul you are.

  Read and reread these words untill they make perfect sense
  to you, because when they do make perfect sense to you, you
  will become aware (perhaps for the first time) of your true

  An awakened soul might understand the above teaching as

  IF, the child of God  (soul),  prefers its' temporary life in
  the physical world over its' eternal life in heaven,  it  forfeits its'
  eternal life.

  If, the child of God,  (soul),  hates its' life in the physical world,
  and turns to God's world, from whence it came, it will  gain its'
  eternal life.

  Eternal life is not a given - IT MUST BE SOUGHT AND EARNED!

  The 'Living Word' of the 'Living God' is directed to the
  'Living Soul' that YOU truly are.