Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Parable of the Pearl

  Matthew 13:45-46 The Parable of the pearl

  Jesus said: (45) "The Kingdom of heaven is like this.
  A man is looking for fine pearls, (46) and when he
  finds one that is unusually fine, he goes and sells
  everything he has, and buys that pearl."

  This parable, taken as written means what it says.
  A man finds a pearl and sells everything he has in
  order to buy it.

  At face value, this is no great teaching.
  Are we to believe that Jesus came and suffered all he
  did, to teach us to value pearls over all else? Surely
  he did not!

  An awakened soul perceives this parable through the
  eyes of soul and an entirely new teaching is understood.

  This is a HYPOTHETICAL EXERCISE ONLY and should not taken
  as absolute truth.

  This parable is reminiscent of the parable of the hidden
  treasure Matthew 13:44 (See earlier blog)

  We know from Jesus' explainations of the parables of the
  Sower and The Weeds in the Field (Matthew 13:18-23) and
  Matthew 13:37-43) that the parables have hidden meanings.

  And so. What does the parable of the pearl really mean?

  Questions to answer:
  Who is the man?
  What does the pearl represent?
  What could possess someone to sell everything they own
  to buy a single pearl?

  By changing a noun here and a verb there, a new and
  different teaching emerges.

  Playing the WHAT IF game, let's see what this teaching may
  mean; to the awakened soul.

  What if: The MAN (exoterically) means SOUL (esoterically).
  What if: The PEARL (exoterically) means TRUTH (esoterically)
  What if: Buys (exoterically) means accepts (esoterically).
  What if: sells (exoterically) means Rejects (esoterically.

  Then this parable would read as follows: (HYPOTHETICALLY)

  'The Kingdom of heaven is like this. An awakened soul,
  searching for truth, finds it. Knowing the truth of the
  Kingdom of God and therefore of itself. The awakened soul
  rejects the physical world and accepts the Kingdom of God
  From whence it came'.

  This is a HYPOTHETICAL EXERCISE ONLY and is designed to
  create conversation and debate about the teachings of our
  Lord and saviour, JESUS, the messiah.

  Remember always, you do not possess a soul - YOU ARE SOUL