Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Have Defeated The World

  "I have defeated the world."

  John 16:33 ( last sentence ) JESUS said, "I have defeated the world."

  What was Jesus really saying? What does this single sentence truly mean?

  Some might say, (an atheist perhaps) that the world defeated him. After

  all, he was murdered! (legally of course) by the Romans, - BUT - for the

  high priests of the pharisees.

  What was he murdered for?

    He was murdered for daring to question the authortity and the teachings
  of the pharisees, not necessarily the teachings themselves, but how they

  were being misused, misinterpreted, and therefore - misunderstood.

  The high priests, in turn, manipulated the Romans to crucify him.

   So, you could say, (as any unbeliever might) that the world defeated him

  and, on the surface at least, SEEM right.

    Unbelievers, of course, percieve only half ( the physical half ) of what
  Jesus was really saying.


  So what Did Jesus defeat?  What world did He conquer?  What exactly did He

    JESUS conquered the physical world by overcoming and defeating EGO!

  Being the Son of God, it probably was easier for Him than it will be for us.

  Jesus knew who he was. He knew he was more than just physical. Jesus was

  also well aware that the people did not know their true selves.

   The true-man is soul. - Soul is the true-life. - Soul is the life force.

  Whatever SOUL perceives, it gives life to in the mind and is retained in

  mind's memory-banks for recall, if and when needed.

    This LIFE! - in mind's memory-banks, attached to each and every perception

  of the physical world since birth, is in fact - LIFE!

                     LIFE IS LIFE --- IT MUST LIVE

  This LIFE that's attached to every perception of the true-man (soul) comes

  together in the mind and becomes EGO.

  So, you could say that EGO is nothing more than a by-product of SOUL's


  So, how can  this by-product, this second-hand shadow life - (EGO),

  dominate and live, the true-man's life, here in the physical world?

    The answer is simple -- That soul is asleep!!!


  Read and perceive the words of Jesus as the true-man, the SOUL you are.

  Jesus came to save the true-man - not the flesh and most certainly not EGO!

  The mind belongs to the true-man (SOUL).

  Believe and receive!

  Once awakened through Jesus, The child of God  (SOUL)  will no longer be

  dominated by EGO in the mind. -  No more than a flash-light - could dominate the sun!