Friday, May 6, 2011



  The parable of the growing seed

  Mark 4:26-29

  (26) Jesus went on to say. "The Kingdom of God is like
       this: A man scatters seed in his field.
  (27) He sleeps at night, is up and about during the day,
       and all the while the seeds are sprouting and
       growing. Yet he does not know how it happens.
  (28) The soil itself makes the plants grow and bear fruit;
       First the tender stalk appears, then the ear, and
       finally the ear full of corn.
  (29) When the corn is ripe, the man starts cutting
       it with his sickle, because harvest time has come."

  This is a hypothetical exercise only and is designed to
  stimulate conversation and debate about the teachings of our
  Lord and saviour Jesus, the messiah.

  As mentioned in previous blogs, the parables of Jesus
  contain hidden meanings directed to the true-man, the soul
  that you truly are.
  What is the true teaching in the parable of the growing seed?

  First thing to do is go to the two parables that Jesus did
  explain and look for hints.

  For example; in Jesus' explaination of the parable of the
  sower, the seeds represent the message as understood by
  different minded people. Matthew 13;18-23

  In Jesus' explaination of the parable of the weeds in the
  field, the field represents the world and the good seeds
  represent the people who belong to the Kingdom.
  The man who sows the good seeds is  the Son of Man and
  harvest time is the end of the age Matthew 13:36-43

  Now we can approach the parable of the growing seed armed
  with a little light as to its true meaning.

  An awakened soul may, or may not, perceive this parable as
  follows: (HYPOTHETICALLY of course)

  Mark 4:26  The Son of Man scatters or plants living souls in
  the physical world.

  Mark 4:27  Time passes and the living soul matures,
  yet unaware of its true self.

  Mark 4:28  Hearing the words of the Son of Man despite the
  chaos in the physical world, the living soul is reborn, this
  time - of the spirit. Awakened now, the living soul begins to
  understand its' role as a child of God. It is a gentle and
  loving unfolding about the truth of our Heavenly Father.

  Mark 4:29  Knowing the truth of the FATHER, and of itself,
  through Jesus, the awakened child of God is compelled to
  bring as many of his or her brothers and sisters to Jesus as
  possible, so they too may be reborn through Jesus. At the end
  of the age, only those souls awakened through Jesus will be
  harvested for the Kingdom of God.

  The words of Jesus are directed to the true-man, the living
  soul that you truly are. The true-man is not the flesh! The
  true-man is not ego! It is ego that thinks it has a soul, it
  does not.

   - YOU ARE SOUL!!!